Ushaw Moor Methodists Church Youth Club 1958-1959

Ushaw Moor Methodist Church Youth Club 1958-1959. Thanks to John Graham for this Photo
Methodists Youth Club

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Lisa Freeman
Does anyone know the name of the guy in the front row 3rd from the left had a younger brother at ushaw moor secondary modern school in the year 1959? Last name Connal?
2 August at 20:01

Ian Proctor I think that`s Albert Whitfield 3rd from the left front row.19 February at 19:56

Ian Proctor I believe the guy front right was John Hope, He has 3 sisters Evelyn,Edith and Margaret.19 February at 19:58

John Graham
BACK ROW-John Ferguson,Malcolm Oughton,Howard Hudson,Jeff Whyatt,John Graham,Keith Wilson,Kenny Raper,Alan Bone,George Graham. SECOND BACK ROW Marjorie Brown,Ann Murray,?,?, Neil Williamson,John Metcalfe,Elizabeth Alderson no.2,Elizabeth Alderson no.1,?,Brian Jackson,Ronnie Peart, MIDDLE ROW ?.Valerie Cook,Florence Walters,Marian Mountain,Gwen Lewis,? SECOND FRONT ROW?,?,?,?Maureen Gregory, Joan Wood,?,?,Ken Snaith,? FRONT ROW Malcolm Emery,Chris Lever,Albert Whitfield,Minister,Duggie Dunn,George Cowper,?,?,John Hope
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