Ushaw Moor Railway Viaduct

Ushaw Moor Viaduct
This wooden viaduct crossing the river Deerness, between New Brancepeth and Ushaw Moor, was erected by Durham Rural District Council and Brandon & Byshottles Urban District Council. It was opened by Mr. Henry Heath Cochrane, the colliery owner, on the 23rd July, 1904. Contributions towards the costs came from Durham County Council who gave 550, and Crook Co-operative Society who donated 10. The total cost of the structure was 1,450.

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Maurice David Facey
some of the original fondations are still there the river flows between them ther used to be another smaller viaduct further along where the pit used to be
27 February at 18:40

Kevin D. Tennent
Interesting, wonder why the NER didn't fund it.
09 March at 13:04

Ushaw Moor Memories
There is a PHOTO of the other viaduct near colliery here
15 March at 08:38

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