Ushaw Moor Colliery Timber Yard

Taken about 1955 in the timber yard at Ushaw Moor colliery. This picture shows George Connor, Billy Thompson and Mat Strong who were filling clay 'stemming' into a 'tub'. Stemming was used in the pit to fire shots (blast down coal or stone). The pony is yoked into a set of limbers.

Additional Information submitted by Brian Mc Loughlin,

"Mr Connor lived in Flass Avenue next door to my Headmistress
(Miss Jenny Unsworth). (St. Josephs RC Elementary School)
As lads we spent quite a few of our Saturday and Sunday afternoons playing in the timber yard with one eye open for the local Policeman. There was a wagonway from the top of the slope in the Colliery Yard where the timber was carried on the flat bogie of a tub. We would push the tub as far as we could up the slope as we could and as many as could manage would jump on and ride the tub down to the end of the line. We never damaged anything and always left the yard as we found it. Near to the timber yard, across some railway lines there were the remains of some beehive ovens. They were long derelict and the remains of a tramway still ran the length of the ovens. "

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