Council School Ushaw Moor

Ushaw Moor Primary School Circa 1900
Ushaw Moor Council
                School Circa 1900

Back Row: Mr Potts, Charlie Penniston, Vic Armorey, ? Holliday, Maggie Penniston, Prescilla Cowthorne, Bill Jameson, Hardy Hudson, Mr Spiers.

Middle Row Top: Louie Johnson, ? Johnson, Sally Armorey, ? Holliday, Cissie Jameson, ? Holliday, Jennie Jameson.

Middle Row Bottom: George Johnson, George Jameson, Elizabeth Conroy, Mary Penniston, Jennie Dickinson, Francis Hudson, William Dickinson, Ted Hudson.

Front Row: Tommy Jameson, Tom Dickinson, Emma Johnson, Chick Johnson, Maggie McNamara. ?

Additional Comments from Facebook FAN PAGE

Mickey Miller
Chick Johnson went on to run a fruit and veg business, house to house with a horse and cart! Crackin photo even if it features some of the scariest kids Ive ever seen.
20 February at 22:45

Davina Jones
i can remember chick and his cart
23 February at 10:55

Ushaw Moor Memories
Yeah got a lift many a time up Bannerman Bank on his cart.
26 February at 07:59

Myra Lund
he was my uncle ,had to beg for an apple off him lol
26 February at 09:30

Myra Lund
gosh the photo is good
26 February at 09:32 

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