Ushaw Moor Secondary Modern

Ushaw Moor Secondary Modern

Front Row :- Tom Patterson - Brian Rowlands - Alan Dunn - John Hall - Norman Brunskill

Second Row :- Robert Moor - Neil Crawford - John Mole - Dennise Pinkney - Malcolm Gibb - Wilf Bell - Brian Wilkinson - Arthur Snaith

Third Row :- Gillian Cruddice - Linda Parker - Lorna Bone - Pat Bowery - Hazel Dickinson - Ruth Atkinson - Edith Snaith - Pauline Newman

Back Row :- Norma Linsey - Margaret Crooks - Audrey Thomson - Ann Mountain - Joyce Richardson - Margaret Ayre - Gloria Race - Margaret Wilkinson - Sandra Foster - Maureen Trelford

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Enid Cavallaro
in the front row, the lad called Alan Dunn, does anyone know if he lived in Ushaw Tce??
09 February at 21:27

John Hall
wow i avnt seen that photo of my dad before what a shocker who posted that 1 ????? ps im john hall junior
10 February at 18:49

Shaun Cheston
he doesnt half look like you and your peter mate
11 February at 15:10

Julie Reed
Don't if Allan lived in Ushaw Terrace Enid. He was my uncle Bob's best friend. Sadly he died of cancer in 1973 aged just 28
16 August 2010 at 16:27

Paula Davies Pat Bowery (3rd row 4th in) lives in Australia now has done for a long time..
8 February at 16:33

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