Ushaw Moor Colliery

Ushaw Moor Colliery

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The row of derelict houses in the photo backed directly onto the Pit Yard. The Walton family lived in this terrace and Tom and Billy Walton both worked at John Bells farm which was situated next to the Institute on the Esh Winning road. This farm has recently been converted into living accommodation. I think that Albert Whitfield lived in the house nearest Ushaw Moor. Entry to the Pit Yard could be gained round the gable end of the terrace (Esh Winning end) and also through the Pit Yard entrance which was situated about fifty yards away in the direction of Ushaw Moor. There was a house/shop directly opposite the Pit Yard gates. I can never remember it being open as a shop and it is now a house only. There was a derelict electricity sub station when I was a lad situated at the bottom left hand side of the wood in the distance. This was a narrow brick built building three storeys high. We used to climb a steel ladder attached to the right front side of the building. The fascination about the building for me was that the concrete ceilings of the building were papered with newspapers printed during the First World War and I used to spend hours straining my eyes reading those newspapers. In the field to the left of the wood was a conker tree and we would spend hours throwing stones and bits of wood into the branches of the tree for a couple of conkers. I wonder if kids still seek conkers there? I cannot remember the name of this derelict terrace. Perhaps someone could send this information in.

Brian Mc Loughlin
Location: Hebburn on Tyne

Sent: 1/10/2006 at 17:7:28 CST

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