St. Josephs Roman Catholic Church

The first St. Josephs Roman Catholic Church was built in 1909. This picture show the ornate embelishment created inside a humble church.

St josephs

~~~~~Addional Information submitted by Brian Mc Loughlin


"I well remember the "Old Church" as we called it when I was a lad.  The building was used as a church hall for social events, etc. and as a boys club just after the war which was run by Tommy Ryans who lived in Flass Avenue.  There was a snooker table where we learned the rudiments of that noble art.  There was also a piano in the building and I well remember the late Leo Franey, God Bless him, as a young boy tinkling the ivories, he was a fantastic pianist even as a lad. It was also used as a "Dining Room" when school meals were introduced after the warand it was cold and draughty in the winter.  The main entrance was up steps on the gable end facing the school and  the woodwork inside was outstanding for a small corrugated iron church.  Churches were built for the glory of God and this was no exception.  The present church was opened in 1931.  I can also remember Canon Shelley who died in 1946 and is buried in the graveyard of the church. The Catholic Club now stands on the site of the "Old Church".

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Peter Howarth
Great photo brian i remember using the boy's club after 11'olock mass on sundays.We also used to play badminton in the big hall.great memories.
20 February at 08:40

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Canon Michale

Canon Michale Shelly who served the church for thirty seven years.

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