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This photograph was taken between the years 1928- 1933, when carnivals were held at Ushaw Moor.At these carnivals local people were in fancy dress and later in the day a King, Queen and Mayor were picked.

Ushaw Moor Carnival

The people on the photo are as follows:

Top from left (Town Cryer) T. Conner; (The King) Jimmy Winn; (The Queen) Nick Tennick; (The Mayor) Jack Joyce. Bottom from left (The Joker) T. Foster; (Little Girl) Daughter of Jack Joyce.

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Cathy Metcalfe can any remember carnival day in ushawmoor i can write a bit of story later on of what i can remember

Yesterday at 21:48

Ushaw Moor Memories
Hi Cathy,, check out a photo from the Carnival here http://tinyurl.com/y8eqyqb . Also check out Ushaw Moor Junior School site for more info on Ushaw Moor Carnival and a look at a program guide. Go here http://tinyurl.com/yey4n75 I look forward to reading more about the Carnival.

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