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Mr. Lowery, a missioner from stanley, visited Ushaw Moor during the days of its development and saw the opportunity to establish a drapery business which, when established, stayed with the same family until the 1980's.


It sure does bring back memories when you see old photos of my old home town so I would like to add a few recollections of my own and it may even stir some readers to fill in what I may miss. I'd like to take you on a tour round the shops as I remember them.


First I think Ushaw Moor must have had the smallest shop in the area if not the county. It was at the top of Flass Terrace a Mrs Smith the front room of the house as a little genaral dealers so you can imagine just how small it was,three people and it was full.


Then starting on durham road where new brancepeth coop was which is now back to a coop next past the gap was a general dealers run by a family called Radcliffe, now the same Mrs Smith took over that shop ,it then was taken over by a man called Conroy and turned into a betting shop.Moving a little further along towards the xroads the same Mrs Smith opened a cafe which i believe is now called Lazer.Alittle further along and next to the chapel was a shop that sold childrens clothes and it was called Underwoods.Along past Watsons, was Tallentire Dents bakery,on the corner was Crook store,and round the corner on to station road was a shop ran by a family called Malone


Next down it was Surtees another shop that was mostly a green grocers,then of course there was the bakers and Maud ross's.Then if you turned the corner and walked about thirty yards there was a fish shop run by a family called Halstead.Back to station rd on the corner was Lowerys then next door was a barber shop ran by a man called TommyGates


The next shop was a clothes shop called Macreas, moving on down past Parkinson butchers was the chemists then the next business was the Big club alas gone now, carry on down past Loughs there was another general dealers ran by Andersons, next was Lukes fish shop and a little further down was a shop i never saw open but was given to believe it was a butchers called Millmore, almost next door to that was an ice cream shop called Valente ,the next shop was a fish shop ran by Babs Thompson


The next shop was Bob Wards clothes shop next was the Sally Army and next door was a sweet shop I don't recall the name ,the next shop was Essie Watsons paper shop, Across the street there was of course Broughs a little further up was Browns bakers and a couple of doors further up was the original chemist shop it was one of those real old fashioned ones where the chemist would go behind in an area out of sight and you could hear him making up the medications, coming up a little further was a shop on the end of the row and my first was it was ran by Elliots then Deftys then Proctors.the last shop


I would like to mention was on the bottom of Ushaw Terrace and it was ran by a family called Stuckie who also had a place at the top of Ushaw Terace where they kept pigs and I think had a bit of a market garden as well. There Ive come to the end of my tour around hope you enjoy reading about my recollections and that they may bring back some pleasant memories.


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By Peter Howarth.


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