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Probably the most outstanding person working at Ushaw moor colliery was Jack Joyce. He was born at Spennymoor in 1892 and began work at the age of 13 in 1905 spending his whole working life at the same mine. In 1946 he was elected financial secretary of the Durham Miners Association. Being a forceful union official he represented the miners as checkweighman and compensation secretary. From 1924 until 1945 he was a member of Lanchester and Durham Rural District Councils. Before his death in 1967 he had the pleasure of seeing his portrait painted on the last Ushaw Moor colliery banner in honour of his work for the Ushaw Moor community.

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Jack Joyce NUM Colliery
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Jack Joyce

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Julia Aberdeen
who is the little girl and what date is it?
06 March at 11:01

Jackie Brennan the little girl is my mams sister joyce stowells and my nanna alice deighton round about 1956 xx
29 June at 19:45

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