A Fine body of Troops !

A fine body of troops. We believe the photograph was taken in 1940. Do you know who any of the soldiers may have been? Were they celebrating an important event with this photo? Were they going somewhere? Are they regular troops or The Home Guard?

The large building in the background was used as a cinema. The wooden addition was the projection room.

A Fine Body of Troops

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Flass Inn
HOME GUARD.. MY UNCLE IS ON HERE.. 2nd row down 6 in from the left.. tommy hurst
06 March at 11:32

Tom Hurst
Tommy Hurst was my grandad,was married to Alice Hurst,cant have been more than one Tommy Hurst at that time and I know he was in the Home Guard.Could I ask who you are? I am his sons (Tommy) son and you can guess it my name is Tommy.
13 March at 17:24

Karen Seymour Hurst
am sure ive got this picture was in my my dads stuff gonna hav hunt it out. my grandad was tommy hurst
14 March at 20:07

Laura Bell
which one is my great grandad mam? x
14 March at 21:11 

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