St. Josephs Infatnts 1951

This is a picture of the infants at St Joseph's taken in 1951.  My mother, Isabel Gallagher is fourth from right in the middle row but can only name a few others.


St Josephs Infants 1951

The names on this photo top left gerard howard--aiden keenen--dennis flatley--andrew henderson--peter boyle--?--?--micheal martin--john halpin.2nd left brian maughan--brian bevington--?--pauline gillon--brenda ackley--?--lorretta mc quillan--elizabeth jennings--isobel gallagher--barbara alderton(me)--james cartwright-- /manford--bottom left beryl stewert--pauline heslop--kathleen ward--brenda hurst--ann keelty--?--millie quigley--ann halpin--pauline ryans--pat rowan--PEARL STODDART--pat mountain

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David Teddy Parton
my auntie Milly Quigley is in the front row, 6 from the right.
07 February at 20:00

Mickey Miller
Im 2nd from the left,middle row..
08 February at 10:48

Richard Purdom
That's got to be my dad Keith 2nd from right, middle row, with Terry Ramm on the end. Still best pals.
20 February at 19:30

Bridget Lawson
What happened to Terrance and Mark? Are they not on here?
22 February at 16:59

Phil Dowson
middle row ten along could be my mam. barbara alderton , now dowson.
23 March at 21:58

Sheila Clear
I'm in the front row 6th from the left. Sheila Thompson as was.
30 March at 12:16

Kathleen Gardiner Kennick
Kennick it is Barbara Alderton and next to her is Jim Carter then front row 5 from left is anne Keelty and to her left is Brenda Hurst.
25 November 2010 at 15:30

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